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So I just realized that I had seen BTR on a TeenNick commercial a whiiiile ago.

You know the one. Where they show up at Nick's office and destroy the whole thing.

I remember thinking "Hey, they look interesting." And then "Hey, that blond one is cute."

...I don't know. I found it interesting.

Poor Carlos.

So I was looking at folkloric_feel 's Kogan picspam and kept noticing Carlos noticing the Kogan too.  These are her screen caps. I had saved them to my computer so I could stare at them some more later but I just had to post this.

He is so confused and curious.Collapse )


Alyson Stoner Project. Whatever that is.

Is it bad that I only want to get The Alyson Stoner Project DVD so I can see Kevin in it?

Even though he did that weird clapping and yelling thing in the introduction video on the site. Whatever. Point is, I want it.

Kendall and Kenneth are on there too, apparently.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

I just finished watching the latest episode of TSLOTAT (damn. I thought acronyms were supposed to make things easier to type out. And who the hell named this damn show? Did everyone just sit around and think of ways to make the title longer? "Hey! Let's add the word 'The' to the beginning." "Ooh. Good idea. Oh! And let's add 'American' in there somewhere." Idiots.) and wow. I forgot how awkward it can be.

And I forgot how much I want Amy and Ricky to end up together.  I really don't care for the rest of the plot at this point. Nothing else is really that important. Ben and Adrian can do whatever the hell they want as long as they finally leave Amy and Ricky alone. And Ashley just needs to go away. It's just a big effed up plot line.

Point is, I ended up looking for fic on this show and now I'm ashamed. Not that I found any, but still.

People need to step it up, is what I'm saying. I need some fic. TSLOTAT. UNNATURAL HISTORY! Sprousecest (Oh, god.)

Get on it people.

Actually, I'd be happy with more Unnatural History fic. Yes, please.

Old Diney Movies are the best.

I watched it a while ago and wow do I miss old Disney Channel movies. Where they didn’t recycle actors but had new ones on every different movie.

I forgot how I had a crush on Taylor Handley. (The main character on Phantom of the Megaplex).

Alley Cats Strike was my favorite. Had a crush on Kyle Schmid.

And dood, I’m watching a Lifetime movie (yeah, yeah. Shut up.) and I notice that Reiley McClendon is in it and I recognized him from the Disney movie Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off and I thought he was adorable then.

And those were three movies that I wouldn’t miss when they showed them on TV.

LINK! to a list of Disney movies. In case you’re feeling nostalgic.

ALSO! I've decided I have to re-watch Doctor Who, Suite Life, and Boy Meets World.



I'm shipping Dylan and Cole now. 

ALL OF A SUDDEN AND OUT OF THE BLUE. My brain told my fingers to search for fic.

How did this not happen sooner?

Also, something is wrong with my brain.

I feel like I should blame someone but it was all my brain this time.



Who does not have an LJ but is awesome and has been there for me whenever I need her. She is one of the best friends I've ever had and it doesn't matter if I've never met her because she is awesome and my mind twin.


Now she's only a few weeks younger than me.


So I just downloaded Hey Monday's EP.

And now I'm tired so I'm probably going to sleep in a few minutes.

On a more important note! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO serious_chizz !!

I'm back!

Sort of.

I still have nothing to post about because I'm pretty lame and have no life other than working and watching my shows. Really concentrated on Unnatural History at the moment.

serious_chizz riot_fox311 and kathrynew30 are awesome. Just saying.